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The November Edition

Second chances...

Matchbook Book Club presents

The November Edition
Dear Members,

Lots of things have been taking place as of late, apologies for the late update!

One of the greatest highlights of November was having author Ann Walmsley visit us during our meeting! It was such a wonderful Q & A with great questions and she was so kind to answer them all and give us a deeper insight into the lives of the men in prisons and how books can truly make a difference.

In the meantime, the holiday season is fast approaching us, so stay tuned for lots of festivities!

Take care!

A big thank you to everyone who came to our meeting with special guest author Ann Walmsley of November's book club pick, The Prison Book Club!

We had such a fabulous time listening to her stories and her incredible answers to our questions. She is such a lovely person, and we were happy that she was able to  give us an opportunity to have a "behind-the scenes" look at her book.

Some fun questions we asked her:

If you could ask anyone dead or living to dinner, who will it be?
Winston Churchill.

Was the title of your book your pick or the publisher's choices?

It was my original title.
(Interestingly enough, the Canadian cover edition actually has an image of Chapter One of her actual book!)

What books are you currently reading at the moment?

Boris Johnson's The Churchill Factor

 What book is on your to-read list?

Kenneth Oppel's The Nest

One thing everyone agreed on was how wonderfully written the book was: poetic at times, it gave us a deeper understanding to how these inmates lived their lives behind bars. The book club gave these men something to look forward to, and it was great to have read how much of a positive impact books have made for these inmates. Well worth the read!
November Selection: Mystery

Thank you to everyone who submitted their votes! With a draw out of a hat, our current read is ( one that was picked by Kristin! ):

Sidenote: there's also a film that is based on the book that you may want to look up (don't know how true to the book it was, but worth noting the contrasts!): watch the trailer here.
Summary: On January 15, 1947, the torture-ravished body of a beautiful young woman is found in a Los Angeles vacant lot. The victim makes headlines as the Black Dahlia-and so begins the greatest manhunt in California history.Caught up in the investigation are Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard: Warrants Squad cops, friends, and rivals in love with the same woman. But both are obsessed with the Dahlia-driven by dark needs to know everything about her past, to capture her killer, to possess the woman even in death. Their quest will take them on a hellish journey through the underbelly of postwar Hollywood, to the core of the dead girl's twisted life, past the extremes of their own psyches-into a region of total madness.

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