Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Song of Achilles

"Name one hero who was happy."
I considered. Heracles went mad and killed his family; Theseus lost his bride and father; Jason's children and new wife were murdered by his old; Bellerophon killed the Chimera but was crippled by the fall from Pegasus' back.
"You can't." 
He was sitting up now, leaning forward.
"I can't."
"I know. They never let you be famous AND happy." 
He lifted an eyebrow.
"Ill tell you a secret."
"Tell me." I loved it when he was like this.
"I'm going to be the first." 
He took my palm and held it to his. 
"Swear it."
"Why me?"
"Because you're the reason. Swear it."
"I swear it," I said, lost in the high colour of his cheeks, the flame in his eyes.
"I swear it," he echoed.
We sat like that a moment, hands touching. He grinned.
"I feel like I could eat the world raw."
- Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles

Dear members,

I hope everyone is enjoying our latest pick, The Song of Achilles! Here are some great clips for you to enjoy:

In this clip, Gregory Maguire (author of Wicked and Out of Oz) and the author discuss The Song of Achilles:

I can wholeheartedly agree with Madeline Miller when it comes to reading an actual book, versus the e-reader (although it does have an advantage when it comes to travelling!)

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