Wednesday, 29 February 2012

We have Pinterest!

Dear members,

Yes, it's true: the Matchbook Book Club has a Pinterest account. Which means: prepare to be enlightened.
Pinterest is a place where organizations, people, and others can gather up inspirations and ideas on boards for all to see. In a way, we become our own curators.

Also, it occurred to me that we could be one of the very first book clubs to have a Pinterest account- it does feel special, doesn't it? Regardless, it's for everyone to enjoy- to have a daily dose of  visual inspiration, and learn more about our  book club.

I really recommend everyone if they have any suggestions whether it be adding a quote or images to our Pinterest boards, don't hesitate to send an email! In fact, if anyone wishes to be a contributor on our Pinterest account, let me know!

This is just one of the many creative ways I will continue to progress with our book club- and in the near future, I'm thinking of fun events for us to take part, whether it be a cooking class or a seminar on book-binding, and of course, our craft parties.

Here is the link to our Pinterest account:

Profile Picture of Matchbook Book Club



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