Sunday, 23 October 2011

The October Selection

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
-Oscar Wilde

October is such an exciting month filled with all things imaginary, thanks to Halloween! During our fifth meeting which took place on the 22nd at Marche Restaurant, not only did we discuss our previous month's pick which was Rosie Alison's "The Very Thought Of You", but we also took the time pick the next title! In addition, I welcome Aysen, Sonya, and Florence to the book club!

I am happy to announce that our October book club pick is:

About the author, Erin Morgenstern:

From what I can see, the author is truly an incredible and very interesting person whom I would love to meet sometime in the near future! Apart from being a writer, she is also an artist.

From her website:
I write. Fantastical, fairy tale-esque things with magic and mystery and tea. I studied theatre & studio art at Smith College. I currently live in Salem, Massachusetts & will be relocating to Boston in the foreseeable future. Kittens are looking forward to the impending influx of cardboard boxes.

I read a lot. I drink absurd amounts of red wine and even more absurd amounts of tea.
I collect jewelry made from old keys.
My fiction tends to be location-driven. Nocturnal circuses, subterranean libraries, townhouses dressed up as pirate ships. I got tired of living in Alice’s Wonderland and decided to build some of my own.

She also has a Twitter page, for those of you who use Twitter.

Over the next month, I will post up thoughts and inspirations in relation to all things "The Night Circus" as well as interviews of the author herself. 
The reviews and the amount of recommendations for this novel has got me incredibly excited to get started. Happy reading everyone! 



  1. I heard it is an amazing book, so I can't wait to read into the wee hours into the night!

  2. We had such a heated discussion on The Very Thought of You! It is always a pleasure to be part of such a diverse group. Sharing our thoughts and stories over food/desserts. Not to mention what a wonderful book club it is.


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